Macdonald Henderson’s Head of Corporate David Beveridge was delighted to share his thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Deal – From Inception to Completion”, alongside an impressive list of corporate finance experts – helping to piece together each stage of the multi-faceted transaction process.

By most accounts, deal-making in Scotland is rife, with the amount of acquisition and consolidation in some sectors of the economy breaking records.

But while Insider reports on when these transactions are done – or announced to the market – there is often scant detail on how they were pieced together, by many different people, over the course of many months, and often with many ups and downs along the way.

So this article is an attempt to rectify that, by speaking to the lawyers, advisers, investors and accountants in order to find out exactly what happens at each stage of the process.

In short, it’s a team game, preparation is everything, and plan well in advance.


The anatomy of a deal – from inception to completion – Business Insider